What is OBOLX?  

OBOLX is secure cloud based life planning software that simplifies the way families manage their key milestones and plan the future.  It syncs all information in a single, accessible hub, and empowers you, your partner and other family members to make important decisions together. Think of OBOLX as your family OS.

How do I get started with OBOLX ?

OBOLX starts with your basic demographic information and creates a stacked timeline.  This process is quick, taking only a few minutes.

How can I share my OBOLX?

OBOLX is designed to be collaborative.  You can create and share notes on your timeline with your partner, family members and friends. 

How much does it cost to use OBOLX?

OBOLX is a free service and there are no hidden fees.

What are key features of OBOLX? 

Stacked Timeline -  By stacking your timeline with those of your family members, you can see what milestones each member will cross every year.  

Collaborative notes -  Births, anniversaries, travel, you name it, anything you want to plan and share with your family members you can do with OBOLX.

Biological Age - A measurement of how aging has affected your body.  Your biological age is determined by your health related decisions and actions you take in your daily life. It is a better indicator of predicting mortality than chronological age.

Estimated Life Span - An estimate of how long you may live.

Net worth  - provides a snapshot of your financial situation, calculating your balance of assets and liabilities.

Real Estate Equity - provides a forecast of your future home equity, projecting your property value and your mortgage balance into the future. 

Retirement  -  Project your income and expenses throughout your life journey, calculating if your savings will last all the way through retirement.

Education Savings  - Calculate and plan for your child’s education needs, confirming if you will be able to help your child with the cost.

What is the meaning of the OBOLX name?

OBOLX takes its name from the ancient Obelisk.  The  symbol has dual meanings: To the Egyptians it represented a ray of light from the Sun.  The Obelisk was a powerful symbol of illumination and the embodiment of the Sun God Ra.  The Romans moved the Obelisk and placed them as milestones on their road system so travellers could mark their journey.   

What is the riddle of the Sphinx?

"What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?"  Oedipus gave the correct answer "Man" 

OBOLX illuminates the milestones on the journey of your life.

Send your questions to info[obolx]com